According to World Health Organization, elderly abuse occurs among 1 in 6 people around the world which is a very significant issue. Abuse comes in many different forms but is equally distressing. This is actually increasing in the world, because as there is significant development in science and technology, people live longer thus elderly population being higher.It is found that the abuse in institutions like aged care facilities in Greensborough is greater than in communities which is alarming as most elderly people will have to end up in such places in the future. Elder abuse can be physical, sexual, psychological, financial or emotional which violates the human rights of the person suffering. Neglect and violation of dignity and respect too are other forms of abuse. Legal action can be taken on those who impose it, so it our duty to always inform the relevant authorities if we observe it happening.

The abuse that occurs in aged care facilities and communities include, use of physical force to restraint people, abandoning and neglecting them, for example, allowing pressure sores to build up due to improper care, depriving proper nutrition, withholding medication and avoiding any communication or association with them. If you notice scratches, bruises or fractured bones in a loved one who is an elderly person, you must suspect whether they have been abused. Psychological abuse can be as bad, when they are constantly yelled at and scolded for being so incapable.

Financial abuse would include seizing their property which is most common among elderly females. This type of behaviour towards elderly people decreases their quality of life. Their health will deteriorate which makes it a global issue. Some people are more at risk of abuse than others. If the person has a mental condition, a debilitating physical condition or a history of alcohol or substance abuse, they are more likely to sustain abuse. In some cultures where females are considered inferior to men, the abuse on females is greater than for males.

Abuse in institutions occur when the staff is deficient, they are poorly trained,physical environment is deficient and when policies operate in best interest of the facility rather than that of the aged person. Thus it must be well researched before entering a loved person to such a place. To prevent all these, authorities must monitor institutions and family members must visit their loved ones and recognize signs suggestive of abuse. Proper training and qualification must be instilled into institutions. Spreading proper awareness and education about this issue is important to decrease the occurrence of elderly abuse.